Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review: Through the Fire

Title: Through the Fire
Author: Shawn Grady
Publisher: Bethany House

Through the Fire is an excellent novel written by an expert in the field. Author Shawn Grady is a paramedic/first responder and he brings his experiences to life in his first novel.

The story centers around Aidan O’Neill, a firefighter down on his luck and desperate for answers to a troubled past. An arsonist is on the attack in the Reno area and Aidan is bent on finding out who it is.

Grady writing is detailed and imaginative and I found myself caught up in the imagery of the fire battle scenes. Some of the technical language was unfamiliar to me, but not to the point of being frustrating.

The story moves quickly and there are several twists and turns along that the keep the suspense and interest level high. Aidan's wrestle with God and faith is intertwined into the writing in a perfect and seamless way.

Grady's first novel is an effort worthy of a read.

4 / 5 Stars