Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review: Read and Share Toddler Bible

Title: Read and Share Toddler Bible
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pages: 192
Retold by: Gwen Ellis
Illustrations: Steve Smallman
The Read and Share Bible is a great little Bible for young children from 2-4 yrs old. This Bible covers 25 Old Testament stories and 15 New Testament stories.
Here are some positives about the Bible:
*Pictures are well done. Although they don't stand above some other stories Bibles I have read.
*There are color coded page numbers for each story.
*Cross-references are displayed when the story can be found in multiple books of the Bible.
*There is a Parent/Child activity at the end of each story
*Stories are not too long for little children (my 2 yr old boy)
*Variety of Bible stories
*THE BIG POSITIVE with this Bible was the enclosed DVD (with 14 stories). The animation, storytelling, and features of the DVD were excellent. Both of my children were enthralled by the video. Highly recommended.
A couple of negatives before I finish:
-Other than the DVD, the Bible didn't do much to separate itself from the other hundred children's Bibles that are out there.
-Some of the activities at the end of the story require scissors, paper, crayons, etc. If you are using this Bible for a bedtime story crafts don't work so well (for me at least).
3/5 Stars w/o DVD
4/5 Stars w/DVD
NOTE: I am a reviewer for Thomas Nelson Publishers

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